Anomilee offers various retreats that focus on holistic rejuvenation, connecting to Mother Nature, our inner-self, and each other. We package our own wellness and volunteer retreats as well as customize retreats for our customers. We strive to create incredible escapes that fit exactly what you are looking for, whether that be for yourself, your organization or your company!


Pre-Packaged Anomilee Retreats

Anomilee packages retreats that have an overall theme; women’s, volunteer-based, relationship-building, empowerment, sustainability, educational, etc. We take a holistic approach to healing, rejuvenation, connection, respect for all living things and general sustainability within our trips.

Take a look at our upcoming retreats and join us!


Collaborative Partnership Retreats

Oftentimes we find that there are already a lot of amazing companies out there that are offering packaged retreats, trips or events! Anomilee happily partners with established organizations that share similar passions and philosophies as us. We want to help you succeed so that we can together help others succeed! Contact us today on how we can work together to spread love and light.


Our Customized Retreats

Are you looking for volunteer-based opportunities abroad but do not have the connections? Are you wanting to provide an annual appreciation retreat for your hard-working employees? Or perhaps you want to take your family on a memorable retreat that will help unite you further? Whatever you are looking for, we can help! We are here to assist you in creating a perfect retreat or trip, whether that be in your hometown or across the globe! Contact us today…